The new world of Market Research 

Patterson Research Group and our subsidiary entity FIND A WAY THERE strongly believe in and support evidence-based management - whether that is for a business, a government entity or the environment.

For over 30 years our consultancy has sought to develop accurate, reliable and cost effective mechanisms of surveying the real world to enable management to make informed decisions about an issue or enterprise.

For over 25 years we ran the WestPoll series (based on our FlashPoll omnibus surveys) for the West Australian Newspaper using random dial phone survey methods, until the progressively more expensive cost of accurate phone research exceeded the value that the newspaper placed on it.

The major causes of the dramatic escalation in costs were the increasing refusal rates (currently phone surveys need to contact 100 people to achieve just 8 - 10 completed interveiws) and the trend amongst young people in particular (more than 60% of 18 - 29 yr olds no longer in the family home) to eschew landline communication in favour of mobile-only telephony.  The effect being that surveying marginal seats or other geographically defined target areas risks missing a large segment of the (mostly under 35 yr olds) adult popultion.  Recent marginal seat opinion polling errors (EG the 5 by-elections in 2018) being testimony to the problems in phone based research in confined target areas.

PRG has developed a suite of research procedures to address the challenges of both cost and accuracy which we use to good effect for a wide range of clients.

The Concept of FIND A WAY THERE

FIND A WAY THERE has been created to enable our consultancy to work with clients to meet their information needs.  The most costly  part of almost any research endeavour is the cost of gathering data.  It is not surprising therefore to find that that clients who have the databases or other target group access available to them,  attempt to undertake the survey themselves. The potential cost savings are very attractive.

But we have recently been asked to help clients unravel problems that they themselves created through lack of research expertise.  We have recently undertaken analysis of survey data for a client that was handicapped in its application by a deficiency in sample design, and also helped another client to set up a Surveymonkey survey.  In both instances we provided the expertise of over 30 years in market research to lift the value of research endeavours while keeping the cost of the overall projects within very tight budgets.

FIND A WAY THERE has been set up to offer assitance in survey design, database management, data coding and data analysis - finding a way to achieve the desired result without the need to commission a full externally managed research program. 

Our Corporate Responsibility

Given our commitment to evidence based research, it is natural that we believe the science behind climate change – and we accept that if we do nothing about greenhouse gas emissions, the world's climate and therefore eco-systems, will change in ways we cannot fully imagine.  Like many businesses we endeavour to minimise our carbon footprint, and have waste minimisation programs in our office.  But we go further.

As part of our corporate responsibility, PRG supports staff in volunteer work for various environmental and conservation programs. For example, in addition to his skills in data coding, analysis and management, staff member Phil Patterson also has a Masters of Environmental Science (Murdoch Uni) which has led him to a long association with various environmental programs.  He has worked as a Docent at Perth Zoo, an Education Officer / Keeper at Taronga Zoo in Sydney, and currently volunteers in two Perth wildlife sanctuaries and publishes a regular summary of global efforts to redress the ecological imbalance caused by human activity.   His regular news posts bring together research into a wide range of the global environmental conservation achievements aimed at preserving the delicate balance between humans and the natural world we rely on.  Click HERE to see his latest research. 

Omnibus Research (FlashPoll)

Our quarterly FlashPoll is a very cost effective way to do high quality research for every budget. You can start with just asking one question.

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Quantative Research

Online surveys, Telephone (CATI), Face-to-Face (in-hall, central locations), postal or a combination of all – we are a FULL-SERVICE market research specialist.

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Qualitative Research

We offer a broad range of qualitative research solutions, including Focus Groups, Mini Groups, Triads, In-Depth Interviews, Taste Tests and customised Workshops.

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